The Program

Join us for an engaging event covering today's latest topics on the future of financial crime
  • When:

    December 5, 2019

  • When it comes to cybercrime, we face the curse of living in interesting times. Threat actors are increasingly powerful and sophisticated, including nation-states and transnational gangs, and new technologies like voice deepfakes pose significant challenges. Yet organizations are hardly helpless when it comes to responding to cybercrime, and fincrime compliance professionals have a role of growing importance in countering cyber threats.

    In this session, experts from the public and private sectors examine the most pressing current risks, look at what cybercrime trends are likely to break out in 2020, and give guidance on how greater coordination between AML, fraud and cyber teams can yield a better response.

  • The rise of crypto assets and new crypto entrants to the financial landscape presents numerous challenges for traditional finance while offering boundless opportunities for economic advantages. Join Elliptic’s Vice President of Product, Andrea Ramoino, as he walks us through the rapidly shifting boundaries between crypto and traditional finance. Andrea will also cover key regulatory hurdles that banks need to be aware of and immediate strategies that can be invoked to navigate a dynamic and diverse area of finance, reduce risk exposure and maximize opportunities for growth.

  • No longer a technology limited to the technically savvy, cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity and proliferating in number. This means that, whether they know it or not, traditional financial institutions are often processing payments for cryptocurrency. What can institutions do to understand, manage, and mitigate the risks? What can professionals do to detect illicit proceeds connected to cryptocurrencies in the present, and prepare for a future when crypto becomes increasingly mainstream?

    Come prepared to hear answers to these questions, and bring your own!

  • Artificial intelligence in financial crime prevention has received tremendous attention, but what is the reality beyond the buzz?

    In this session, practitioners give you a view into the current reality and potential pitfalls of AI in financial crime detection and prevention. The presentation focuses on real-world case studies that illustrate successful uses of AI tools and the processes that went into their implantation. It also features straight talk on what AI can and can’t do to avoid falling into the hype trap.

  • Innovation has been the watchword of regulators in the US and elsewhere lately, with a steady drip of guidance, joint statements and public comments from regulatory agencies encouraging new approaches and tech adoption in financial crime compliance programs. Though certainly welcomed by many professionals, what’s less clear is how institutions can translate this regulatory focus into tangible changes and improvements in fincrime prevention.

    In this session, compliance heads and leaders from regulators give insights on all sides of the issue – Views on innovation from the regulatory perspective, guidance on how it plays out within compliance operations, and practical tips you can take back to your organization.